Our Mission

The mission of DA Dance is to combine high level choreography with familiar imagery, theatrical storytelling, and well known music, in order to create performances that are stimulating, engaging, and accessible to both novice and experienced arts audiences.


Thought-provoking pieces that invite the audience in.


Engaging dance workshops that foster growth and development.

Equestrian Training

Quality equestrian instruction and training for all skill levels.

Denise Armstead

The founder and guiding spirit of DA Dance is Denise Armstead, premier dancer with Zenon Dance from 1982-2003. Her approach to dance threads a storyline of human emotions and experiences through jazzy, rhythmic complexity mixed with contemporary nuances, creating multi-layered works of art with a theatrical edge that draws from a large palette of styles, including hip-hop, jazz, lyrical and post-modern movements.

Denise also has an extensive background as qualified horse-riding instructor. Her skills go beyond as an educator, and focus on intuitive communications. She has an acutely trained eye and is a highly skilled coach in the equestrian world as well as in the field of dance. Her intuitive abilities are able to resonate and connect immediately to the student and the horse whether she is working with a beginner or an advanced rider. She cultivates the specific needs for each person.

Her hunter/jumper and dressage training ranges from locally accomplished equestrian trainers. She also does coaching/choreography for the Minnesota Vaulting team.

Upcoming Events

Evening Rehersal, Unlimited Bliss

March 15th, 22nd, 28th, 6-8PM; St. Paul Yoga Studio

Art-A-Whirl Event and Fun-D-Raiser

May 18th 6-10pm
Grain Belt Bottling House
79 13th Ave NE. Mpls Suite 209


Unlimited Bliss

Unlimited Bliss flows from Denise's perspective on collaborative choreography. This new work expands her view on the place of the camera in dance. The focus on insight and evolving awareness bring out the sensual intimacy of life's rhythms. The experience and vitality of the dancers allow a nuanced exploration of our rhythms and connections.